Helping Churches Bring Hope To Vulnerable Children

Who is FamilyTable?

Foster Child

Every day, there are more than 500 calls made to report abused and neglected children in Los Angeles. Those that are removed from their homes will enter the foster care system, increasing the likelihood of homelessness, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and incarceration upon turning 18. There is hope that their story doesn’t have to end this way.

Local Church

We believe God desires His Church to bring a future and a hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ to these vulnerable children. Right now there are over 2,000 churches in Los Angeles county, 30,000 children in the foster care system and 1,400 children waiting to be placed into loving homes. The Family Table can provide crucial education about the need as well as coaching and help to discover how God is calling your church to enter into the lives of vulnerable children in our city, changing their story for good.

Church Advocate

We begin with our coaching process that will help your church discover how to get involved, develop a Spirit led strategy for fruitfulness and deploy your church to action. We then help establish a local champion for foster care in your church community, called an Advocate. We then provide coaching, training, and resources to equip the Advocate to better care for vulnerable children in our community.

Support Community

Caring for vulnerable children cannot be done alone. While not everyone is called to open their home to foster children, everyone can do something. Family Table will help your Church Advocate to establish and equip a support community around foster parents to assist with such things as babysitting, transportation, prayer or meal delivery. Family Table will help work within your church to utilize the natural web of relationships that currently exist in your community, so that no one person becomes responsible for more than they can handle.

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The Family Table is where we extend the hospitality God has shown us – the invitation to belong- with those in need of a safe, loving family of their own. We desire to support the families and communities that are saying yes to meeting the needs of vulnerable, at-risk children in the foster care system.

The table is set. Pull up a chair.


Foster Child

Where the story begins.

Local Church

A community of rescue, hope and healing

Church Advocates

Those who champion the needs of vulnerable children in your church.

Support Community

The people who come together to serve those who care for vulnerable children.

Get Involved

“…Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” -Isaiah 1:17

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