Family Table Summer 2022 Update!

Suitcases > Trash Bags Have you ever wondered what happens when a child is removed from their home, or moves from one foster home to another? Most children are given two trash bags and the same number of minutes to decide what they will keep and bring with them, and what they will never see … Continued

Family Devotions For Worship

In 2013, my kids were little, and (unbeknownst to me) we were getting close to the end of family worship as it looked back then. I was developing the ability to ask good, age-appropriate questions, and found that I had a knack for finding or creating great crafts to keep the kids engaged. My wife … Continued

Family Table Update February 2022

Family Table Champions, Thank You for your continued support! Because of you, we are able to serve children in the foster care system, assist the social workers and agencies who engage their families, and recruit churches to become involved in this needed community work. * We continue to coach, train, and resource local churches. Each church we serve represents dozens of individuals being … Continued

Ten Questions For Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parents

We believe it is critically important that parents who are preparing to adopt or foster a child must be honest and realistic about the journey and the challenges that lie ahead. Just as Jesus in Luke 14 challenged those who would follow him to ‘count the cost,’ so too parents who respond to God’s call … Continued

Celebrating Mom With Sensitivity

Each year, there is a segment of the population that remain in some kind of a relationship with their biological mother and take the time to celebrate that relationship. At the same time, there is a growing number of people for whom this holiday is, and will forever be, tainted. Whether it was the untimely … Continued

Why Do Beds Matter?

Why do beds matter? If you have ever responded to a local need via CarePortal, chances are high it included assembling and delivering a bed. Over and over again, it is the most commonly requested item, and one which we typically take for granted. So, why is that? What’s the big deal about beds? Once … Continued

Family Table Introduction

Would you like to know more about who we are and what we do? Watch this video to become aware of the foster care crisis in Los Angeles and what you can do to get involved!

Interview With a Social Worker

We interviewed Michelle Penez, CSW who works with the Department of Children and Family Services, using some of the most common questions she gets about her job. We talked about how she got into this line of work, what happens when a child is removed from their home, what she would like others looking to … Continued

Family Table 2020 Update!

Thank you to everyone who has joined our support team this year! Because of you, we have trained a response team of 332 people, from 24 different churches, who have served over 550 children this year. We are trusting God to continue to provide for this work in 2021, and would like to ask you … Continued