31 Days of Prayer For Children In the Foster Care System

Prayer is how we engage the heart of God, request the presence of God, and plead for the Spirit of God to help in our weaknesses. There is nothing more powerful than seeing God do what only He can do as we ask Him to intercede on behalf of those who cannot do so theselves. This Prayer Guide is a tool to help you intentionally seek God every day in prayer as we trust in Him to move in powerful ways on behalf of abused, neglected and hurting children in the foster care system of Los Angeles County.

Before we begin the good work of physically caring for children in need, we begin to engage the Father on their behalf through personal prayer. Take a moment to prayerfully read John 15, where Jesus describes how fruit grows from branches attached to the vine. Listen to His in- vitation for you to know, abide, connect and rely on Him for all that you are and do. This is how prayer becomes more than requesting help and becomes a source of true transformation that God uses to bring hope and healing through the Gospel in our city.

Join us on this 31-day journey as we pray expectantly that God will display his power, faithfulness and love to vulnerable children and to those who care for them.