Family Table Update February 2022

Family Table Champions,

Thank You for your continued support! Because of you, we are able to serve children in the foster care system, assist the social workers and agencies who engage their families, and recruit churches to become involved in this needed community work.

* We continue to coach, train, and resource local churches. Each church we serve represents dozens of individuals being recruited to engage vulnerable children and families. After coaching The Commons LA, their team began to serve at a local group home, mentoring teens aging out of the system. Our work with Restored LA led to the hiring of a staff leader and formation of a team to oversee their efforts through CarePortal, including opening their own foster closet to meet physical needs! Through several individuals from different churches, we were able to furnish a new bedroom and send a small group to assemble furniture for teenage mom, living on her own with her daughter for the first time.

* We have started a local foster parent support group, called Around The TableThis monthly meeting allows foster parents to share, discuss, and mutually encourage others doing the same thing. Did you know: Over 50% of families who open their homes to children in need will never do so again, citing confusion, lack of support, and a heavy emotional toll? We want to keep these burdened parents in the game by bringing tangible support. If you are, or know a foster family in Los Angeles, they can register here!

* Dozens of case social workers reach out to us for help to find volunteers, meet the needs of struggling families, and connect them to more local churches. We recently introduced The Common Table church to a social worker tasked with opening a transitional home for teenagers in foster care. Because of their engagement, clothes, jackets, shoes and socks were provided for 13 teenage boys coming to live at the group home. The impact of one willing church is truly substantial!

* Pastor Mike continues advocacy work by speaking to churches about the foster care crisis, teaching about the Biblical mandate to serve, and inviting more individuals, small groups, and ministry teams to find their unique contribution to vulnerable children and families. He, Amy, and the Brown Family continue to foster two siblings as their mother gets the help she needs to have them home!

All of our work is made possible because of your generous giving and continued support of this ministry. While you may never know or meet the children, families, churches, and social workers we help, you are the real champions of Family Table. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!